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4.9/5 star reviews

Thousands of happy customers worldwide


4.9/5 star reviews

Thousands of happy customers worldwide



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Are the rising costs, staffing concerns and sluggish sales keeping you up at night?

As an early stage restaurant owner, you have a lot on your plate. It can be tough to see a clear path to profitable growth when putting out fires and keeping the operation afloat consumes your time.

Yes, it can feel exhausting.

We know what it feels like, because we have been there too! But here's the good news: there is a solution and it's proven to work. You CAN have more free time AND grow your business.

What We Do...

We grow winning cultures

We have developed comprehensive training programs that are aimed at helping teams to embody and reflect the culture of the business and to pass that on to each and every guest, each and every day so that you know that things are being run as if you were there.

We build sustainable systems

Once implemented, our system runs smoothly in the background. It'll increase the owner’s capacity to grow the business, enable employees to do their jobs easier and with more confidence, streamline operations for ease of workflow, reporting and transparency.

We create profitable operations

At the end of the day we want to know that all of the effort was worth it. At GP Hospitality Partners, we know that focusing on the right key areas can yield big results. We will help you to assess, plan and implement effective strategies for increased profitability and growth.


See What Others Are Saying About Us:

"If you struggle with marketing your restaurant, read this book! Greg Provance proves himself to be incredibly insightful in his strategies for capturing an audience in today's ever competitive environment. These proven tactics are sure to increase your bottom line both today and into the future."

- Ken Dodd, Managing Partner, M&M Hospitality Group

“No amount of marketing dollars can replace the value of serving others with sincerity. I’ve known Greg for more than two decades, and have watched him create extraordinary success in every restaurant and bar he’s touched, using practical tools he’s included in this book. If you’re looking for proven ways to implement a program of hospitality that will ensure success, this book is a good place to start.”

- Fawn Weaver, CEO & Founder, Uncle Nearest Premium Whisky

"The restaurant business is fun and exciting but takes a lot of work to grow and scale - profitably! This book helps to put the focus on the right priorities to not only achieve the best results, but to actually enjoy the process along the way."

- Jeff Fenster, CEO & Founder, Everbowl

Case Study

Everbowl (National Franchise)


Assist founder with scaling one unit into multi-unit operation regionally.


Install operational systems for scale. Implement hub and spoke model for production of goods across the fleet. Assist with creation of foundational collateral to support brand and culture development.


Successfully scaled to 30 corporate stores. Ongoing advisory as brand has now reached over 250 franchise stores nationwide.

Case Study

333 Pacific Oceanside, CA


This restaurant has been successfully operating for over 12 years in a prominent location at the Oceanside Oceanfront. Sales have plateaued and growth opportunities needed to be explored and executed.


Work with hotel partner to develop a poolside and courtyard dining program, utilizing common space and leveraging mutual Guest relationship.

Replace several existing Team Members with those who can see and execute the vision.

Tighten systems of operation to ensure company standards of service are exceeded.


Projected revenue growth 7-10% over previous year averages.

More Case Studies

Acquired GM, Sous Chefs and line cooks to solidify the team. Improved overall labor costs from 36% to 24%.

Successful opening with profitability forecasted in month one.

Achieved profitability within 90 days and projecting average 10% growth month over month.

From failing to profitability within 5 months with anticipated margin projected at 10-15% profit. Second location sales growth tracking at 15-20%.

Are you ready for your restaurant to reach its fullest potential?

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